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Bleach 596 & Naruto 692 Manga Review

Bleach 596 & Naruto 692 Manga Review

Hey everyone, time for another round of manga reviews. We’re covering Bleach 596 and Naruto 692 this week. Let’s jump right in and get started!

Bleach 596 at

What’s going in Bleach verse? let’s find out. Oh! Before I continue, nice art work for the Ichigo poster (whoever you are, feel free to come forward), you can find this and more on deviant

Bleach picks up from last week’s hair raiser where a few…

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 review

Folks…Sailor Jupiter has arrived, the anime has officially started…Just kidding! She’s my favorite in the inner senshi and I’m glad to see her join the cast. Let’s get into another review of Sailor Moon Crystal, I was so mad It wasn’t on last week but it’s on today, so we’re on today too!

Folks, I’m happy to say I enjoyed watching this episode, my favorite inner senshi is on the scene and she…

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Bleach 595 & Naruto 691 Manga Review

Bleach 595 & Naruto 691 Manga Review

Hey everyone, welcome to another review session. This week I’m looking into Bleach 595 and Naruto 691. Naruto has been slowly creeping to an end while Bleach seems to have quite a bit more to go. Let’s jump in and see  how these Mangas are shaping up.

Bleach 595: Rubb-Dolls 2 at

I’ve decided not to put up the Bleach 595 Manga page because it’ll spoil the contents of this installment. If you read my last review and…

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November Man movie review

November Man movie review

Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko, Luke Bracey…November Man, in theaters now! I got a chance to see this movie over the weekend and I’m glad that I’m writing this review. Folks, let’s hit the trailer to get in the mood (please don’t literally hit anything…)

Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is a retired CIA agent that left the game  to…

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Bleach 594 & Naruto 690 Manga review

Bleach 594 & Naruto 690 Manga review

Review time! Bleach 594 and Naruto 690 are on the menu folks, so let’s dig in!

Bleach 594 at

Bleach has taken an interesting direction with the fight focusing on the zombified captain Hitsuguya. You wouldn’t believe that more people have joined this mix in this installment and the action and the entertainment value is on point. I had griped about Bleach’s repetitiveness and the feeling of having it drawn out,…

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Lucy movie review

I sat in the car on my way to the movies and had a strange feeling in my gut. It was that feeling you got when you just knew you wouldn’t like a movie, or impending doom awaited and you’d have to sit through a “long” movie. Fortunately, after the movie began I didn’t feel that way and I was happy. I hate going to see a movie and I’ve already figured out the plot, or it feels like I’m just going…

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Bleach 593 & Naruto 689

Bleach 593 & Naruto 689

What’s up people! I’m back and ready to do another round of reviews. Last week I was so sick I could barely get out of bed, but a week later I’m proud to say I’m back and ready to go. It seems last week the Mangas took a break, just in time right?. This week we have Bleach 593 and Naruto 689 to cover, so let’s jump in and see what’s happening.

Bleach 593 at

Ooooh Bleach was especially good this week. The good…

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Expendables 3 Movie Review

Expendables 3 Movie Review

Ah Yes, Stallone has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and I knew I was going to see Expendables 3 when I saw the trailer hit. I won’t keep you waiting, let’s dig right into this review. First ! Let’s get in the zone with this trailer:

The Expendable 3 sees Barney and his crew on another action packed mission that takes a turn…

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Sailor Moon Crystal Anime, Episode 4 review

Sailor Moon Crystal Anime, Episode 4 review

Moonies and people interested in Sailor Moon Crystal…welcome to another review! If you haven’t seen Episode 4, it’s out and roaming and I advise you to go check it out before you read the review. I’ll do my best not to spoil it, but I’ll give you a heads up just in case. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!


Alright! So what’s up with Episode 4? If you’ve followed Crystal you know it’s…

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Diversity in Comics, specifically in DC…read this and tell me what you think. I’m really curious to hear opinions.