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Habits hurting your posture

Habits hurting your posture

Hey everyone,

I found this on Pinterest and wanted to share it. Here are 10 habits according to the Center for Spinal Disorders, that are messing with your posture.

I want to make a note though; for number 8, that stretch the woman is doing is not good for your back, especially if you’re inflexible, don’t workout or train regularly (even if you do be careful), have tight muscles and hamstrings. A…

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Side Effects movie review

Side Effects movie review

I’ll be open; I was on a mission (or maybe just feeling nosy) when I thought of watching this movie. I passed it a few times because it just didn’t look interesting until I saw a snippet of it on Youtube. I only watched the clip because there was a scene between two of the characters that supplemented my quest to understand human sexuality. My quest is far from over and frankly I’m not discussing…

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Bleach 598 & Naruto 693 Manga reviews

Bleach 598 & Naruto 693 Manga reviews

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Manga review session. For all those that don’t know, Naruto is back in gear so we’ll be reviewing its contents this week. It’s been a crazy ride so far in both Manga’s and there’s no telling at this point where things will end up. Let’s get started!

Bleach 598 at

Bleach is at it again with its antics. If you  read the first few pages, those who enjoy the “wasted time humor,”…

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Here’s when you need to worry

Found this on Lifehacker earlier thought it was pretty spot on.

Here’s when you need to worry

Found this on Lifehacker earlier thought it was pretty spot on.


Thanks to Mateusz M & Eric Thomas

I live

Hey Folks,

It’s been a long time. I’m alive. I promise. Here’s one of my health articles. It was posted on the National Posture Institute’s website:

Cumulative Trauma Disorders: How Your Work Could Lead to Injuries

by Nick A. Titley, M.S., NPI-Certified Posture Specialist

If your job requires…

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 6 Anime Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 6 Anime Review

Another fine Saturday for another fine episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! Let’s not deliberate, let’s jump right in and see what’s happening this week. As usual, I try not to spoil anything, but I will warn you when spoilers are on the horizon. Please keep hands and feet in the ride at all times.

Episode 6 (I sound like Star Wars), titled “Tuxedo Mask” is about more than just the dashing man behind…

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Bleach 597 review

What’s up folks! I almost forgot about the review. I’ve slacked, but no more! Here goes! Since Naruto is on break we’ll be focusing on Bleach until the ninja makes his triumphant return.

Bleach 597: Winded by the Shadow at

Tell me you’ve read the Manga…If not, you need to go see what’s going on right now. The last installment saw Mr. Love guru in action, and had quite the turn around for the heroes. This installment shifts and…

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Bleach 596 & Naruto 692 Manga Review

Bleach 596 & Naruto 692 Manga Review

Hey everyone, time for another round of manga reviews. We’re covering Bleach 596 and Naruto 692 this week. Let’s jump right in and get started!

Bleach 596 at

What’s going in Bleach verse? let’s find out. Oh! Before I continue, nice art work for the Ichigo poster (whoever you are, feel free to come forward), you can find this and more on deviant

Bleach picks up from last week’s hair raiser where a few…

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 review

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 review

Folks…Sailor Jupiter has arrived, the anime has officially started…Just kidding! She’s my favorite in the inner senshi and I’m glad to see her join the cast. Let’s get into another review of Sailor Moon Crystal, I was so mad It wasn’t on last week but it’s on today, so we’re on today too!

Folks, I’m happy to say I enjoyed watching this episode, my favorite inner senshi is on the scene and she…

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