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Bleach 590 & Naruto 686 Manga reviews

Bleach 590 & Naruto 686 Manga reviews

Hi Manga fans ! Time for another review. This week, I’m covering Bleach 590 and Naruto 686. Let’s jump in and see what’s happening:

Bleach 590 at

Guess what? Bleach 590 was pretty good this week (huge applause). When Captain (I won’t spoil it) entered I knew it would get good. He faces off against the Zombie woman…or man? It’s debated, but not confirmed, still…quite interesting. What I do know is they tease…

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Happy Batman Day !

Happy Batman Day !

Yay! The Dark Knight makes 75 this year; 75 years of pure awesomeness. I’ve watched Batman since I was a kid starting with the Animated Series. I’d hit the movies to see Kilmer and Clooney as Batman and read a few of his comics. I must say, I did take a break from him for sometime, but after seeing Nolans films I came back with a vengeance and wanted to know so much more.

I indulged myself one…

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League of Legends does it again!

League of Legends does it again!

WOW ! Have you seen this? a tear silent rolled down my eye watching this. After years of playing this game and getting into it, I’ve longed for more content and this is it. This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this, but every time they do it, it makes me excited. Here you go folks, cheers League, you’re simply the best!

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Denzel Washington, Chloë Grace Moretz “The Equalizer” trailer

Denzel Washington, Chloë Grace Moretz “The Equalizer” trailer

When I saw this trailer of Denzel’s next movie I couldn’t sit still long enough. My palms and face got real sweaty and energy shot through my body. I love Denzel when he’s in this sort of role and believe  me he look vicious as ever.

The Equalizer…It seems like I need to set money aside for the movies, I’ll also need to buy a seat…

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Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 review

Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 review

Moonies, did you catch episode 2? I just finished watching it and I can say I’m really excited to write this review. I had to stop the episode just to take a few notes, because I’m thoroughly impressed with the show and it’s only episode 2.

The story is following the manga so I had no quarrels there and even if it diverged a little, it’s going about it quite well. In this installment (spoilage…

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Arkham Asylum: A serious house on serious earth Graphic Novel review

Arkham Asylum: A serious house on serious earth Graphic Novel review

If the cover of this graphic novel doesn’t disturb you then you haven’t gotten the drift yet; maybe I really do need to do this review to get us afloat. Where do we begin? Ah ! Let’s start at the beginning of little venture and work our way through the mad house that is Arkham.

I heard about this; I had never seen nor heard about it before until I joined a larger group of Batman fans on…

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Everyone here is Expendable

Everyone here is Expendable

Vanity Fair did it right with this picture of the Expendables 3 movie cast. Here’s the 3rd trailer to go with it too:

So in this installment Barney (Stallone), Christmas (Statham) and the other members face off against Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson), who co-founded The Expendables with Barney. Stonebanks later became an  arms trader…

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A big week for Marvel: Capt. America now Black; Thor will be a woman

A big week for Marvel: Capt. America now Black; Thor will be a woman

Good day comic fans,

What a week it’s been for Marvel. They’ve thrown bombshells left and right with their announcements. If you’ve missed it, Thor will now be a woman. I didn’t stutter, you read it correctly, the previous Thor is unworthy in his world and the God of Thunder role will now be held by a woman. Not Thoretta, Not Queen of Thundr, she’s just named Thor.


I wrote about it earlier this…

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"I AM HERCULES!" that’s what the Rock is cooking

“I AM HERCULES!” that’s what the Rock is cooking

This face is what I’m going to watch in movies next week. This face is bringing the epic tale of Hercules to life in a new way. The Rock is cooking something serious in his upcoming movie Hercules. He posts on his Facebook page:

Myself and our brilliant Academy Award winning artists had one goal in mind – to create a truly iconic character for a generation. The transformation took 3 1/2hrs…

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